Aug 18

What to Wear with Turquoise Shoes

The color Turquoise makes for an interesting choice in the objects we use in daily life. A somewhat greenish tone of cyan, this color is based on the mineral of the same name. Turquoise is considered a gem, rare and valuable in finer grades. It has been prized as an ornamental stone for millennia because of its exceptional hue. In some cultures, both in the Old and New World, turquoise is considered a holy stone and has been used as a charm used to ward off bad fortune. This gem is opaque and characterized by blue to green hues.

Known by many names in different cultures, the word turquoise was coined around the 16th century. It comes from the French word for Turkey, turquie. This was where the gem was extensively imported. Turquoise has charming pastel shades that have made it highly attractive to ancient cultures from East to West. From the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt to the vast palaces of China, turquoise has been a fashionable color that has adorned every article of clothing imaginable.

Pantone is one of the authorities in professional color standards, the company is heavily involved in the fashion and home décor industries. One more good reason to love turquoise is the fact that Pantone has named Turquoise as the 2010 color of the year. In 2000 it was Cerulean, followed by Fuchsia Rose in 2001, True Red in 2002, Aqua Sky in 2003, vibrant Tigerlily in 2004, Blue Turquoise in 2005, Sand Dollar in 2006, Chili Pepper in 2007, Blue Iris in 2008, and warm, engaging Mimosa in 2009. Everything from wardrobe pieces to accessories are made especially attractive by this color.

Pantone is one of the primary players in professional color standards, supplying and tracking color for design industries. Chosen for its inviting and luminous character, turquoise brings to mind tropical images and soothes the mind with its serene hues. Turquoise is all about tranquility and hushing away everyday concerns.

Turquoise shoes, for example, are quite unique and can enhance formal and even casual getups. While this color is usually associated with summer or spring, darker hues of turquoise shoes still work well for winter dressing. But this color is best worn when the weather is warm.

Turquoise blue shoes work well with blues and beautifully complement neutral colors such as black, brown, and white. You can pair your darker-hued turquoise shoes to accent a somber black or brown business suit. Playful lighter flat ladies turquoise shoes will work especially well with a white or even a yellow sun dress.

For a bit more fun, you can use your turquoise shoes with your red or pink tops and your favorite pair of classic blue jeans. Whip up a classic maritime theme by taking out your turquoise flat shoes with your deep blue suits and see how they brighten up the entire spectrum of greens in your wardrobe.  Be a bit adventurous and see how charming your yellow to green clothing pieces will look with your turquoise high heel shoes.

Prized by ancient civilizations as a protective charm, turquoise is also the color of compassion, healing, truth, and faith. True enough, its soothing hues are bound to lighten your mood, look forward to fresher, better days, and leave behind the worries and burdens of the past year. The process of determining color trends for Pantone involves traveling across the globe and observing the use of color across cultures and consumer thinking. Turquoise blends well with fashion and interior design because of its flattering qualities.

The color also has universal appeal, making pairing with other shades effortless and even fun. Turquoise will find its way into home décor, jewelry, paints, furniture, home accessories, athletic apparel, nail polish, even eye shadow, and clothing lines. You might even find it as the wedding motif for ceremonies you will be attending throughout the year.

Whether it be fine silk or sensible cotton, turquoise makes a vibrant statement that is both elegant and fun. Turquoise makes for a great accent color in jewelry, purses, hair accessories, ties, shirts, sportswear and those all-important ladies turquoise shoes.

With turquoise being named as color of the year, turquoise shoes definitely will not be hard to find. Explore the possibilities with at least two pairs of turquoise wedge shoes in different hues. Look out for flats, sandals, pumps, sneakers, stilettos and turquoise prom shoes too. You will find that turquoise shoes can perk up your neutral-colored clothing pieces. Browns are less dull with a neat pair of turquoise shoes.

Turquoise evening shoes will have the same effect with black suits and white frocks. Your turquoise shoes will also go well with red and pink getups as well. Go for a classic breezy look by taking out your turquoise shoes with clothes in any shade of blue. Celebrate 2010 with a good splash of turquoise in your wardrobe.

Jun 17

Important Things To Know About Turquise Shoes

For nearly all women everywhere, shoes are fun. Ladies shoes are meant to be playful and enjoyable, no matter how somber they may look. A woman’s most serious-looking pair of black leather pumps is most likely purchased after at least an hour’s worth of searching and contemplating. Its acquisition is pleasure in itself and seeing how the pair matches well with her clothes is another high altogether. Malls and shoe boutiques are crawling with women looking to lighten their mood with a purchase of one or two pairs of pretty sandals or shoes.

While all shoes appear desirable atop a shelf in a nice boutique, not all of them are wise buys. Impulse buys tend to bring in some of the most garish items in a woman’s shoe collection. So it is always a good idea to look at trends or go window shopping first before getting yourself a pair. Research will mean looking at style trends, are wedges in? Are platforms back in vogue? Will stilettos work? High heels are always important to have, are so are flats. Next, consider color. Seasonal colors are always important to keep in mind. But if your budget allows for only one fairly expensive purchase to cover the year, it is a good idea to pick a color that matches wonderfully with all the colors of the seasons. Turquoise is an excellent choice for an all year color. This universally flattering color works really well with a range of colors, it having a good range of blues and greens. Ladies turquoise shoes work especially well with all the neutral colors you have in your closet right now.

Black coats, white jackets and pants, beige skirts, brown pants or gray knits. Ladies turquoise shoes add a vibrant yet serene splash of color to a look that may appear otherwise dull or boring. Turquoise is typically associated with the 50s or the 60s but match your ladies turquoise shoes with gray or chocolate brown and it gets a 2010 upgrade that speaks of sophistication. Ladies turquoise shoes will match perfectly with every blue you have in your wardrobe. No need to get a new turquoise dress to match ladies turquoise shoes with them. A blue cocktail dress, skirt, or even your old pair of dark blue denims will look spectacular with ladies turquoise shoes. The entire range of greens you have in your inventory will likewise match your ladies turquoise shoes like a dream.

Oct 31

Turquoise Evening Shoes

Turquoise Evening Shoes

Dressing up will always have its element of fun. We are not always given the opportunity to dress ourselves to the nines, and we should always take such an opportunity with a measured amount of deliberation. Most of these dress-up or formal affairs give us ample time to prepare, it is necessary to allot an ample amount of time for planning what you wear on formal occessions. Most formal clothes are expensive and should server you for a number of years, picking the right style, cut, and color is absolutely essential.

Arming your wardrobe with three or four pieces of formal attire will do you a world of good. It will help you cut back on spending too much on an unplanned purchase because you had no time to consider other options. A woman’s formal ensemble should consist of a classic styled gown or cocktail or tea length dress, an elegant handbag or purse, a good shawl or coat, and a sophisticated pair of evening shoes. Stick to neutral colors when looking for a dress, it does not have to be designer but if you find an elegant style that suits you perfectly, do not be afraid to splurge.

Another good color to have are dark shades of blue or red. Stay away from very light and bright colors and consider your skin tone and body type when picking colors. Look for universally flattering colors such as turquoise. This color is also great for evening shoes. An elegant pair of turquoise evening shoes will match neutral colored gowns and dresses perfectly. Your little black dress or that cream gown can use a nice boost of color and turquoise evening shoes can do just that. A strappy pair will look splendid with cocktail-length dresses of black or brown.

Your white dresses will also look less dowdy with a splash of color, something that turquoise evening shoes can handle. For a perfect match, take your Turquoise Shoes out with a royal blue gown or a navy blue tea length dress. Blue matches perfectly with turquoise and so does green. Turquoise evening shoes will add a brither tone to the otherwise dull tendencies of green.

Another great color to match with turquoise is red. You don’t want to appear too red with matching red shoes and a red dress. Turquoise evening shoes are a good way to break that. Look for turquoise evening shoes in high heels and open toes or a strappy pair that shows off your feet.

Oct 30

Turquoise Satin Shoes

Turquoise Satin Shoes

Most of us tend to buy clothes with little regard for the colors that are heaping up in our closets. We tend to go for some colors until we find our wardrobes dominated by that color, giving us very little to work with for certain events.

Color is an important consideration in buying clothes. Before making a purchase take time to recall the colors you already have and how well your potential purchase will work with your existing colors. If what you are looking to buy is actually of the same color as the rest of your wardrobe, do a double take and consider other colors that are available.

A good color to have is turquoise. This luminous and serene mixture of a wide range of blues and greens helps set a soothing mood that will benefit you and those around you. Turquoise is also a great color to have in your home. Pick out home décor items in turquoise, such as bed sheets or throw pillows, it might help inspire you to add them into your wardrobe as well. Turquoise works wonderfully with neutrals. Your black, brown, white, and gray clothes could always use a good dose of color and turquoise is an excellent option.

If you are looking to add turquoise to your repertoire of colors, look for turquoise satin shoes. While satin might be restricted to evening wear, open toe or strappy satin versions are great for casual clothes as well. Darker, less shiny versions will work well with office wear. Turquoise satin shoes will look spectacular with cocktail length dresses in black, beige, gray, or brown. Long flowing dresses will also work with turquoise satin shoes. Blue dresses are perfect for turquoise shoes, every shade of blue will go well with this color as turquoise carries a range of blues as well.

Green works the same way with turquoise. While green can tend to blend you into the background or appear rather dull, turquoise satin shoes will make your green pieces a notch brighter and livelier. For a trend-setting look, pair up your turquoise satin shoes with yellow-greens. While it may appear as an unlikely match, violet matches well with turquoise. If you adore this color, turquoise satin shoes are a good buy. Turquoise high heel shoes are also great with pink and red. The luminous and crisp look of turquoise is made even brighter by the satin material.

Pick out a pair of turquoise blue shoes and have fun matching it with your wardrobe.

Oct 28

Turquoise Blue Shoes

Turquoise Blue Shoes

The color turquoise evokes images of tropical paradise and the soothing blues of the sea. Not surprisingly, this charming color is also used as a moniker for the captivating waters of the Caribbean. Turquoise is a remarkable color to have in your wardrobe, as it is a universally flattering color. All skin tones and body types will work with this wonderful color.

Another great reason for having turquoise in your closet and in your home is the fact that Pantone LLC has chose turquoise as its color of the year for 2010. Following last year’s color of the year, Mimosa, Pantone has chosen the serene and soothing turquoise for 2010. Pantone is an authority in professional color standards and helps design industries in color forecasting and a full range of color services. You could not go wrong with turquoise this year.

One great way to give your wardrobe a turquoise upgrade is to get turquoise blue shoes. One dress with turquoise highlights or a turquoise scarf or belt might make the look, but turquoise shoes will go a long way in mixing and matching. Turquoise blue shoes won’t be hard to find this year. You will find them in high and low heels, sandals, flats, pumps, even in sneakers. Get a pair or two and match them with whatever you have in stock. We are all bound to have neutral colors in our closets: these are blacks, browns, whites and grays. We tend to stock up on those colors as they are the safest, but they do look a bit dull sometimes.

Turquoise blue shoes will make those neutrals look more colorful yet sophisticated in a single stroke. That chocolate brown skirt will go off splendidly with a nice pair of leather turquoise blue shoes. An all black getup looks a lot less somber with dark velvet turquoise blue shoes. Other colors that will work perfectly with turquoise blue shoes are green and, of course, blue. Because turquoise carries a range of colors from blue to green, either color will look spectacular with turquoise blue shoes. Everything from sky blue frocks to your favorite pair of blue denims, these will match perfectly with turquoise blue espadrilles or sandals. Even the most drab green item you have hidden away will get a hefty dose of color when you wear them with your turquoise blue shoes. Pick a lighter, more playful shade to bring out the brighter tones in dark olive greens or dull jade.

Aug 22

Ladies Turquoise Shoes

Ladies Turquoise Shoes

The color turquoise conjures soothing images of endless seascapes and tropical lushness. This is one of the reasons Pantone LLC named turquoise as the color of the year for 2010. Pantone LLC is recognized as the global authority on color, establishing professional color standards for the full range of the design industry.

A marriage of the calming nature of blue and the newness and sparkle of green, turquoise is the perfect color to wash away the darkness of the previous year. The universally flattering quality of turquoise makes it work well with nearly every color used in the design industry. The color has a sizeable range of tones that can work amazingly well with almost any color.

What’s more, the warm to cool tones of turquoise offer you a range of options when matching up with anything in your wardrobe. It gives your repertoire of accessories and clothes an excellent splash of color, whether the item be plain or printed.

Invest in a couple of pairs of ladies turquoise shoes and find how much fun you can have when matching them up with the rest of your wardrobe. You can make your neutrals and browns livelier with a pair of ladies turquoise shoes in a darker hue. Match them up with a beige coat or a brown corduroy mini. Blues work especially well with ladies turquoise shoes.

A navy suit or maybe a cotton baby blue frock, both are made especially colorful with those ladies turquoise shoes.  In the mood for something that’s a bit more striking? Your ladies turquoise shoes will complement that favorite red blouse or that playful pink top you have been keeping.

How about something livelier? Your yellow-green pieces need not shy away, they will be sure-fire trend-setters with ladies turquoise shoes. Turquoise is fashionable in almost any material: from silks to felt to good old cotton.

Upgrade your wardrobe to 2010’s color of the year with flats, sandals, high heels, sneakers, and even boots. Turquoise shoes will work even better with turquoise jewelry pieces, hair accessories, bags, belts, scarves, and other small accessories to craft your look. The color makes for a ton possibilities that are both classic and trend-setting.

Get into the tranquil and exciting moods that the color turquoise can bring. Look for Turquoise high heel shoes, turquoise wedge shoes or turquoise prom shoes in your favorite boutiques and channel the soothing, serene moods of this great color.

Aug 22

What are the Different Type of Turquoise High Heel Shoes?

High heels are essential elements of any woman’s wardrobe. You’ll need them to complete your business attire, when attending formal affairs such as a wedding or a gala, or just for a night out in the city. High heels are characterized by a heel that raises a wearer’s foot a bit higher than the toes. If both toes and heel are elevated at the same level, this type of footwear would be called platform shoes and are generally not considered high heels.

Fitting out your wardrobe with the right kind of high heels means finding out what kind will fit you and your lifestyle. There are a wide range of high heels to choose from: the stiletto, pumps, blocks, the tapered heel, blades, and wedges.

A stiletto is stiletto a tall and thin heel that rises at a minimum height of two inches. The heel diameter that touches the ground is typically not more than 0.4 inch.

High heel pumps or court shoes are shoes without fastenings and a low cut front. The cone high heel has a round heel that is broader in the area that meets the sole of the shoe and becomes narrower at the part of the heel that touches the ground.

The popular wedge high heel spans the entire space from under the foot arch to the heel of the foot. Wedges are common staples and are always fun to wear. Beyond the form, the material of high heels for your wardrobe should be another consideration.

Leather is a must, felts and suedes are equally vital. High heels also come dressed in silk, satin, and other charming materials. High heel sandals should also be considered.

Then there’s color. Neutral colors are absolutely necessary: black, brown, and white. Don’t be afraid to go for more daring colors like reds and violets. Be sure to keep your color updated with the colors of the season and even the colors touted as absolutes for the year.

Pantone LLC, a primary player in professional color standards, has named turquoise as the color of the year. Turquoise high heel shoes will not just add a splash of color to your very own collection of shoes, turquoise high heel shoes will also update your wardrobe for 2010.

There are charming pairs of turquoise high heel shoes offered by top designers. Because turquoise shoes come in an extensive range of hues from warm to cool, you will definitely find at least two pairs of turquoise high heel shoes that will match your taste.

Turquoise high heel shoes will also easily match a wide range of clothing pieces in your wardrobe: your neutrals, blues, yellow-greens, red and pinks. Turquoise high heel shoes will also work well with business suits, party frocks, and most especially with evening wear. Futher you could wear on your prom night instead of turquoise prom shoes if you are more confortable with them.

Aug 22

Turquoise Prom Shoes

Turquoise Prom Shoes

You’re going to the prom. You ought to be jumping for joy, but you find yourself missing cause for celebration. What on earth are you going to wear? The problems are just starting. What color, how long, what shoes, how expensive?

The perfect prom dress may take a while to prepare but it pays to plan ahead. Start with picking the right color. Proms are, of course, held in the evening so it will be wise to look for evening colors. Evening colors are darker, warmer hues of colors like red, blue, green, or violet.

White may be harder to pull off. Evening dresses in white require an elegant, tailored cut with some tasteful embellishments so that it does not look like a wedding dress. Lighter shades like ecru or cream will call for the same requirements. It can make you look too old or too young and requires specific styles for certain body types. To play it safe, go for dark colors. Black may be too somber, but black paired with a dark red, or any other color will look spectacular. Look to color houses to help you out.

Color expert Pantone names color palettes and forecasts for the design industry every year. They have forecasting for seasonal color direction and inspiration 24 months ahead. These forecasts are applied to menswear, women’s wear, active wear, cosmetics and industrial design. You cannot go wrong by heeding their advice.

Turquoise is their top pick for 2010, this color has been showing up in color palettes for a number of years now and it will be a good choice for your prom dress. Match your dress with an elegant pair of turquoise prom shoes.

Satin turquoise prom shoes, embellished with ribbons or beads are a good choice. Turquoise prom shoes adorned with pearls and crystals will look just as elegant. A turquoise evening dress with prints and splashes of color will do well with a wide satin sash around the waist and strappy turquoise shoes.  Go for darker turquoise when picking out your gown, get something that wafts just above the knee to show off sparkly turquoise prom shoes.

If you prefer longer skirts, choose less embellished turquoise prom shoes with just enough of a heel so that it peeks out of the gown. Turquoise flat shoes or turquoise wedge shoes are not recommended but if will have trouble keeping your balance, go for floor-length skirts and still choose turquoise prom shoes, look for something lively that you can still use beyond prom night.

Aug 22

Turquoise Wedge Shoes

Turquoise Wedge Shoes:

Since it was made famous by Florentine shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo (June 5, 1898 – August 7, 1960), the wedge shoe has endeared itself to women throughout the world. Wedge shoes are shoes fitted with heels that run from under the foot to the back of the shoe. The wearer essentially stands on a wedge heel.

Not all wedge shoes are classified as high heels, there are those that have very low angles and are great for walking. Wedge heels are a great option if you find stilettos a bit scary. They have an equally attractive, cosmopolitan look about them and will work well with short skirts or long dresses. Higher-heeled wedge shoes can help make your ankles look thinner and sleeker. Depending on the material, wedge shoes can be formal and somber to fun and light-hearted. The color spells a world of difference as well.

For 2010, give your shoe collection a nice upgrade with at least a couple of pairs of turquoise wedge shoes. Pantone has named Turquoise as the color of the year for 2010. One of the authorities in professional color standards, Pantone is heavily involved in the fashion and home décor industries. Look for turquoise wedge shoes in leather and decked in warmer hues to spruce up your neutral-hue business suits and evening wear.

Those turquoise shoes will also work remarkably well with your brown and black coats or alongside you neutral accessories such as belts and scarves. Turquoise wedge shoes in canvas will look spectacular with sun dresses in yellow or yellow green. Although it appears to be best worn during the summer, turquoise has a range of hues that will also work well with other seasonal colors. Fall and winter dressing will also embrace the turquoise rather well.

Blues are also excellent with turquoise flat shoes. Because turquoise is so close to blue, turquoise wedge shoes are best paired with this color. From jeans to navy blue jackets, or even light blue denim skirts, turquoise wedge shoes will make blues less drab. You can also pair up your red tops with turquoise wedge shoes, whether they be blouses of silk, good old cotton, linens or knits.

As for your pinks, they will also do well with light or dark hued, plain or printed, turquoise wedge shoes. The possibilities are no less than amazing with your turquoise wedge shoes, so go and get a pair from your favorite boutique – give your collection a nice 2010 upgrade.

Aug 20

Turquoise Flat Shoes

Turquoise Flat Shoes

Flat shoes are every woman’s best friend. They are versatile and can be readily worn on every occasion, may it be a formal affair or just a walk-in-the-park day. Flat shoes are comfortable to wear and don’t stress the feet that wear them.

Turquoise flat shoes are popular to young women because of the summery glow that they give to the feet. Their cool colors are great to pair with sun dresses and they could perfectly glam up an outfit. Depending on the design, they may come in different looks – they could make a bombshell Marilyn Monroe-look or a sweet Audrey Hepburn-look.

Variations of ballet flats have appeared in the fashion market with different styles and different colors. Turquoise shoes are among the favorites of a number of women since they have a cool and calming effect to the eye. They could indicate the green color of nature and at the same time they could indicate the calm blue color of the sea.

Turquoise flat shoes can be as stylish as turquoise high heel shoes with if worn with the correct outfit. Make sure you choose not just any Turquoise flat shoes but consider the style that they will give to your outfits. Some flats are best worn with dresses while some are best worn with jeans. Flat shoes are ultra feminine with skirts and dresses paired with pretty tops. On the other hand, they could make you look astoundingly sexy when matched with the right pair of jeans.

On another note, comfort should not be compromised when choosing your flats since you are very close to the pavement when walking using your flats. It could be as painful as wearing high heels when the cushions for the flats are not right.

The style of shoes may come and go out of fashion but flat shoes will always be there because of the comfort and style they give to women.