Oct 28

Turquoise Blue Shoes

Turquoise Blue Shoes

The color turquoise evokes images of tropical paradise and the soothing blues of the sea. Not surprisingly, this charming color is also used as a moniker for the captivating waters of the Caribbean. Turquoise is a remarkable color to have in your wardrobe, as it is a universally flattering color. All skin tones and body types will work with this wonderful color.

Another great reason for having turquoise in your closet and in your home is the fact that Pantone LLC has chose turquoise as its color of the year for 2010. Following last year’s color of the year, Mimosa, Pantone has chosen the serene and soothing turquoise for 2010. Pantone is an authority in professional color standards and helps design industries in color forecasting and a full range of color services. You could not go wrong with turquoise this year.

One great way to give your wardrobe a turquoise upgrade is to get turquoise blue shoes. One dress with turquoise highlights or a turquoise scarf or belt might make the look, but turquoise shoes will go a long way in mixing and matching. Turquoise blue shoes won’t be hard to find this year. You will find them in high and low heels, sandals, flats, pumps, even in sneakers. Get a pair or two and match them with whatever you have in stock. We are all bound to have neutral colors in our closets: these are blacks, browns, whites and grays. We tend to stock up on those colors as they are the safest, but they do look a bit dull sometimes.

Turquoise blue shoes will make those neutrals look more colorful yet sophisticated in a single stroke. That chocolate brown skirt will go off splendidly with a nice pair of leather turquoise blue shoes. An all black getup looks a lot less somber with dark velvet turquoise blue shoes. Other colors that will work perfectly with turquoise blue shoes are green and, of course, blue. Because turquoise carries a range of colors from blue to green, either color will look spectacular with turquoise blue shoes. Everything from sky blue frocks to your favorite pair of blue denims, these will match perfectly with turquoise blue espadrilles or sandals. Even the most drab green item you have hidden away will get a hefty dose of color when you wear them with your turquoise blue shoes. Pick a lighter, more playful shade to bring out the brighter tones in dark olive greens or dull jade.