Aug 22

What are the Different Type of Turquoise High Heel Shoes?

High heels are essential elements of any woman’s wardrobe. You’ll need them to complete your business attire, when attending formal affairs such as a wedding or a gala, or just for a night out in the city. High heels are characterized by a heel that raises a wearer’s foot a bit higher than the toes. If both toes and heel are elevated at the same level, this type of footwear would be called platform shoes and are generally not considered high heels.

Fitting out your wardrobe with the right kind of high heels means finding out what kind will fit you and your lifestyle. There are a wide range of high heels to choose from: the stiletto, pumps, blocks, the tapered heel, blades, and wedges.

A stiletto is stiletto a tall and thin heel that rises at a minimum height of two inches. The heel diameter that touches the ground is typically not more than 0.4 inch.

High heel pumps or court shoes are shoes without fastenings and a low cut front. The cone high heel has a round heel that is broader in the area that meets the sole of the shoe and becomes narrower at the part of the heel that touches the ground.

The popular wedge high heel spans the entire space from under the foot arch to the heel of the foot. Wedges are common staples and are always fun to wear. Beyond the form, the material of high heels for your wardrobe should be another consideration.

Leather is a must, felts and suedes are equally vital. High heels also come dressed in silk, satin, and other charming materials. High heel sandals should also be considered.

Then there’s color. Neutral colors are absolutely necessary: black, brown, and white. Don’t be afraid to go for more daring colors like reds and violets. Be sure to keep your color updated with the colors of the season and even the colors touted as absolutes for the year.

Pantone LLC, a primary player in professional color standards, has named turquoise as the color of the year. Turquoise high heel shoes will not just add a splash of color to your very own collection of shoes, turquoise high heel shoes will also update your wardrobe for 2010.

There are charming pairs of turquoise high heel shoes offered by top designers. Because turquoise shoes come in an extensive range of hues from warm to cool, you will definitely find at least two pairs of turquoise high heel shoes that will match your taste.

Turquoise high heel shoes will also easily match a wide range of clothing pieces in your wardrobe: your neutrals, blues, yellow-greens, red and pinks. Turquoise high heel shoes will also work well with business suits, party frocks, and most especially with evening wear. Futher you could wear on your prom night instead of turquoise prom shoes if you are more confortable with them.