Aug 22

Turquoise Prom Shoes

Turquoise Prom Shoes

You’re going to the prom. You ought to be jumping for joy, but you find yourself missing cause for celebration. What on earth are you going to wear? The problems are just starting. What color, how long, what shoes, how expensive?

The perfect prom dress may take a while to prepare but it pays to plan ahead. Start with picking the right color. Proms are, of course, held in the evening so it will be wise to look for evening colors. Evening colors are darker, warmer hues of colors like red, blue, green, or violet.

White may be harder to pull off. Evening dresses in white require an elegant, tailored cut with some tasteful embellishments so that it does not look like a wedding dress. Lighter shades like ecru or cream will call for the same requirements. It can make you look too old or too young and requires specific styles for certain body types. To play it safe, go for dark colors. Black may be too somber, but black paired with a dark red, or any other color will look spectacular. Look to color houses to help you out.

Color expert Pantone names color palettes and forecasts for the design industry every year. They have forecasting for seasonal color direction and inspiration 24 months ahead. These forecasts are applied to menswear, women’s wear, active wear, cosmetics and industrial design. You cannot go wrong by heeding their advice.

Turquoise is their top pick for 2010, this color has been showing up in color palettes for a number of years now and it will be a good choice for your prom dress. Match your dress with an elegant pair of turquoise prom shoes.

Satin turquoise prom shoes, embellished with ribbons or beads are a good choice. Turquoise prom shoes adorned with pearls and crystals will look just as elegant. A turquoise evening dress with prints and splashes of color will do well with a wide satin sash around the waist and strappy turquoise shoes.  Go for darker turquoise when picking out your gown, get something that wafts just above the knee to show off sparkly turquoise prom shoes.

If you prefer longer skirts, choose less embellished turquoise prom shoes with just enough of a heel so that it peeks out of the gown. Turquoise flat shoes or turquoise wedge shoes are not recommended but if will have trouble keeping your balance, go for floor-length skirts and still choose turquoise prom shoes, look for something lively that you can still use beyond prom night.