Oct 30

Turquoise Satin Shoes

Turquoise Satin Shoes

Most of us tend to buy clothes with little regard for the colors that are heaping up in our closets. We tend to go for some colors until we find our wardrobes dominated by that color, giving us very little to work with for certain events.

Color is an important consideration in buying clothes. Before making a purchase take time to recall the colors you already have and how well your potential purchase will work with your existing colors. If what you are looking to buy is actually of the same color as the rest of your wardrobe, do a double take and consider other colors that are available.

A good color to have is turquoise. This luminous and serene mixture of a wide range of blues and greens helps set a soothing mood that will benefit you and those around you. Turquoise is also a great color to have in your home. Pick out home décor items in turquoise, such as bed sheets or throw pillows, it might help inspire you to add them into your wardrobe as well. Turquoise works wonderfully with neutrals. Your black, brown, white, and gray clothes could always use a good dose of color and turquoise is an excellent option.

If you are looking to add turquoise to your repertoire of colors, look for turquoise satin shoes. While satin might be restricted to evening wear, open toe or strappy satin versions are great for casual clothes as well. Darker, less shiny versions will work well with office wear. Turquoise satin shoes will look spectacular with cocktail length dresses in black, beige, gray, or brown. Long flowing dresses will also work with turquoise satin shoes. Blue dresses are perfect for turquoise shoes, every shade of blue will go well with this color as turquoise carries a range of blues as well.

Green works the same way with turquoise. While green can tend to blend you into the background or appear rather dull, turquoise satin shoes will make your green pieces a notch brighter and livelier. For a trend-setting look, pair up your turquoise satin shoes with yellow-greens. While it may appear as an unlikely match, violet matches well with turquoise. If you adore this color, turquoise satin shoes are a good buy. Turquoise high heel shoes are also great with pink and red. The luminous and crisp look of turquoise is made even brighter by the satin material.

Pick out a pair of turquoise blue shoes and have fun matching it with your wardrobe.