Aug 18

What to Wear with Turquoise Shoes

The color Turquoise makes for an interesting choice in the objects we use in daily life. A somewhat greenish tone of cyan, this color is based on the mineral of the same name. Turquoise is considered a gem, rare and valuable in finer grades. It has been prized as an ornamental stone for millennia because of its exceptional hue. In some cultures, both in the Old and New World, turquoise is considered a holy stone and has been used as a charm used to ward off bad fortune. This gem is opaque and characterized by blue to green hues.

Known by many names in different cultures, the word turquoise was coined around the 16th century. It comes from the French word for Turkey, turquie. This was where the gem was extensively imported. Turquoise has charming pastel shades that have made it highly attractive to ancient cultures from East to West. From the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt to the vast palaces of China, turquoise has been a fashionable color that has adorned every article of clothing imaginable.

Pantone is one of the authorities in professional color standards, the company is heavily involved in the fashion and home décor industries. One more good reason to love turquoise is the fact that Pantone has named Turquoise as the 2010 color of the year. In 2000 it was Cerulean, followed by Fuchsia Rose in 2001, True Red in 2002, Aqua Sky in 2003, vibrant Tigerlily in 2004, Blue Turquoise in 2005, Sand Dollar in 2006, Chili Pepper in 2007, Blue Iris in 2008, and warm, engaging Mimosa in 2009. Everything from wardrobe pieces to accessories are made especially attractive by this color.

Pantone is one of the primary players in professional color standards, supplying and tracking color for design industries. Chosen for its inviting and luminous character, turquoise brings to mind tropical images and soothes the mind with its serene hues. Turquoise is all about tranquility and hushing away everyday concerns.

Turquoise shoes, for example, are quite unique and can enhance formal and even casual getups. While this color is usually associated with summer or spring, darker hues of turquoise shoes still work well for winter dressing. But this color is best worn when the weather is warm.

Turquoise blue shoes work well with blues and beautifully complement neutral colors such as black, brown, and white. You can pair your darker-hued turquoise shoes to accent a somber black or brown business suit. Playful lighter flat ladies turquoise shoes will work especially well with a white or even a yellow sun dress.

For a bit more fun, you can use your turquoise shoes with your red or pink tops and your favorite pair of classic blue jeans. Whip up a classic maritime theme by taking out your turquoise flat shoes with your deep blue suits and see how they brighten up the entire spectrum of greens in your wardrobe.  Be a bit adventurous and see how charming your yellow to green clothing pieces will look with your turquoise high heel shoes.

Prized by ancient civilizations as a protective charm, turquoise is also the color of compassion, healing, truth, and faith. True enough, its soothing hues are bound to lighten your mood, look forward to fresher, better days, and leave behind the worries and burdens of the past year. The process of determining color trends for Pantone involves traveling across the globe and observing the use of color across cultures and consumer thinking. Turquoise blends well with fashion and interior design because of its flattering qualities.

The color also has universal appeal, making pairing with other shades effortless and even fun. Turquoise will find its way into home décor, jewelry, paints, furniture, home accessories, athletic apparel, nail polish, even eye shadow, and clothing lines. You might even find it as the wedding motif for ceremonies you will be attending throughout the year.

Whether it be fine silk or sensible cotton, turquoise makes a vibrant statement that is both elegant and fun. Turquoise makes for a great accent color in jewelry, purses, hair accessories, ties, shirts, sportswear and those all-important ladies turquoise shoes.

With turquoise being named as color of the year, turquoise shoes definitely will not be hard to find. Explore the possibilities with at least two pairs of turquoise wedge shoes in different hues. Look out for flats, sandals, pumps, sneakers, stilettos and turquoise prom shoes too. You will find that turquoise shoes can perk up your neutral-colored clothing pieces. Browns are less dull with a neat pair of turquoise shoes.

Turquoise evening shoes will have the same effect with black suits and white frocks. Your turquoise shoes will also go well with red and pink getups as well. Go for a classic breezy look by taking out your turquoise shoes with clothes in any shade of blue. Celebrate 2010 with a good splash of turquoise in your wardrobe.