Aug 22

Turquoise Wedge Shoes

Turquoise Wedge Shoes:

Since it was made famous by Florentine shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo (June 5, 1898 – August 7, 1960), the wedge shoe has endeared itself to women throughout the world. Wedge shoes are shoes fitted with heels that run from under the foot to the back of the shoe. The wearer essentially stands on a wedge heel.

Not all wedge shoes are classified as high heels, there are those that have very low angles and are great for walking. Wedge heels are a great option if you find stilettos a bit scary. They have an equally attractive, cosmopolitan look about them and will work well with short skirts or long dresses. Higher-heeled wedge shoes can help make your ankles look thinner and sleeker. Depending on the material, wedge shoes can be formal and somber to fun and light-hearted. The color spells a world of difference as well.

For 2010, give your shoe collection a nice upgrade with at least a couple of pairs of turquoise wedge shoes. Pantone has named Turquoise as the color of the year for 2010. One of the authorities in professional color standards, Pantone is heavily involved in the fashion and home décor industries. Look for turquoise wedge shoes in leather and decked in warmer hues to spruce up your neutral-hue business suits and evening wear.

Those turquoise shoes will also work remarkably well with your brown and black coats or alongside you neutral accessories such as belts and scarves. Turquoise wedge shoes in canvas will look spectacular with sun dresses in yellow or yellow green. Although it appears to be best worn during the summer, turquoise has a range of hues that will also work well with other seasonal colors. Fall and winter dressing will also embrace the turquoise rather well.

Blues are also excellent with turquoise flat shoes. Because turquoise is so close to blue, turquoise wedge shoes are best paired with this color. From jeans to navy blue jackets, or even light blue denim skirts, turquoise wedge shoes will make blues less drab. You can also pair up your red tops with turquoise wedge shoes, whether they be blouses of silk, good old cotton, linens or knits.

As for your pinks, they will also do well with light or dark hued, plain or printed, turquoise wedge shoes. The possibilities are no less than amazing with your turquoise wedge shoes, so go and get a pair from your favorite boutique – give your collection a nice 2010 upgrade.